Sprouted Crumb Topped Ancient Donuts (plain)

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NEW!! Healthy Ancient Doughnuts Anyone? 
Yes! finally a doughnut with your health in mind...

100% Ancient Whole Grains: Sprouted wheat or spelt flours; Unrefined Organic Sugar: Cane sugar, Organic Spices: All-natural pumpkin spice (cinnamon, ginger, cloves & nutmeg, all salt-free), Natural Leavening: baking powder (starch-free), Bakewell cream (a non-dairy leavening agent); Low Sodium Salts: Gourmet sea & black salts, Holistic Craft Herbs: Organic rosehips; Beverage Plants: Mulled pomegranate cider tea (antioxidant-rich pomegranate w a medley of red berries); Essential Fats: Earth balance buttery spread (soy free), flax & chia seed blend; Alcohol Free Flavors: Organic vanilla, cinnamon and rosewater; Natural Thickeners: Kudzu and agar. Topping: Organic cane sugar and pumpkin pie spice,(earth balance buttery spread, optional).

FREE FROM: Eggs, All Dairy, All Nuts, Soy, and Refined Ingredients.

ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten

This ancient doughnut is a baked fluffy, soft and moist cake donut. They were introduced at our last few outdoor markets for the fall farmer's market season 2016 at Brigham Circle. Each time we offered a fresh batch to our fans, we sold out. Not to mention, these gems are whole grain, low calorie, low sodium and cholesterol free treat, great with a cup of Joe or your favorite cup of tea. We suggest you buy enough to share with friends. Remember to share health and wellness bakery products with those you love!

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