Carob Almond Butter Cookie @ A Classic

$ 2.25

Carob has fed ancient cultures for over 5000 years. Caffeine free; Good source of calcium.


100% Ancient Whole Grains: Mineral Rich Carob, Organic Sprouted Spelt, Quinoa & Sorghum Flours; Natural Leavening: Baking Soda (aluminum free); Holistic Craft Edible Flowers: Dried Red Roses, Rosehips, Pink Roses, Hibiscus, Calendula;  Low Sodium SaltsHand Harvested Sea Salts, Kala Namak Black Salt; Beverage Plants: Red, Green, & Black Teas, Tisanes (herbal teas)Complete Proteins: Quinoa, Creamy Almond Butter (from freshly ground raw almonds), Heart Healthy Essential Fats: Earth Balance Buttery Spread (soy free); Plant-Based Omega 3s: Organic Flax, Organic Chia Seeds; Alcohol Free Flavors: Almond, Vanilla, Rose; Digestive Root: Kudzu; Sea Vegetable: Agar.

Naturally Improved Nutrition. Fiber Rich. Indulgent. Healthy. Taste Amazing...


Eggs, All Dairy, Soy, and Refined Ingredients


Almonds, Gluten.

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