About Us

The Ancient Bakers is a specialty baking company that exclusively uses ancient grains and medicinal plants once revered by our ancestors to create premium, delicious, & nutrient rich plant-based bakery products.

My name is Tonya Claire Johnson, I am the President & Founder of The Ancient Bakers. Since our inception (2002) The Ancient Bakers has been re-imagining health supporting specialty bakery products ‘free from’ highly refined ingredients, eggs, milk, dairy, trans fats and cholesterol; yet, rich in ancient whole grains, essential fats, and trace nutrients. We offer a growing, yet under served market a range of indulgent bakery products that taste amazing while supporting health, wellness and special dietary needs.

We invite you to browse our ‘lookbook’ to savor our unique specialty cookie, cupcake and muffin offerings for starters, then place your order, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by our refreshing new line of health & wellness plant-based bakery products. Life's celebrations are filled with memorable moments enhanced by festive baked goods. Now those with special dietary needs can indulge along with family, friends and colleagues as well. We invite you to share your stories with us on our blog. And do contact us directly to report any issues or concerns you may have with the site. Stay tuned to learn more about the bakery products we are dreaming anew.  

Thank you for visiting our online store to learn more about all that is ancient baking, we look forward to serving you soon. Click here to visit our product catalog.

In the spirit of good health…

Tonya Claire Johnson, Head Ancient Baker


Contact us at our website: www.theancientbakers.com.

Email us at: visionsownabc@yahoo.com

Call us at: 617-842-4335 (Tonya) or 617-835-4959 (Rich).

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